While the wedding may be a year away, friends and family often start sending gifts early on. Expect them to look for registries before engagement parties and bridal showers. This means, it is a good idea to start your registry early. (This is a good thing as picturing all the pieces you’ll need as you start your life together is fun.)

Nambé Wedding RegistryStarting a registry early doesn’t mean you have to know every piece you’ll need right now. Online registries, like ours at Nambe.com, allow you to add or remove items and update quantities at will. We don’t even expect you to have your wedding date set. You can update the wedding date field of your registry profile as needed. So, while you may target April and then find the venue of your dreams is only available the first week of May, you can quickly change it on your registry.

In other words, don’t let not having everything finalized stop you from starting to build out your registry. Your family and friends will appreciate the guide early, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you see your new home take shape.

While Nambé is available at high-end and specialty stores throughout the U.S., you can have complete access to our museum-quality product line at Nambe.com. You can start your Nambé registry here.