Fresh, bright spring wedding bouquet (Flickr)

Fresh, bright spring wedding bouquet (Photo: Flickr)

Spring is here. We love the weather warming up and getting lots of sunshine, but we also really love getting to make the spring wedding circuit. Bold colors and warm tones dominate floral arrangements at spring weddings, and we’re excited to see what new designs pop up this year.

Yellows, oranges and pinks are always popular with bursts of green at April, May and June weddings. Those trying to select the best spring flowers may want to look to peonies (we like the yellow tree peony), ranunculus, tulips and daisies.

While traditional, tight circular bridal bouquets like the one to the right are more common, longer and narrower arrangements work in the spring because they offer an added element of romance.

Even something as simply as a hand-tied bouquet of ranunculus, cherry blossoms, tulips, sweet pea and spirea, like these from Frolic.


Hand-Tied Spring Bouquets

Hand-tied spring bouquets by Frolic (Photo: Chelsea Fuss)

While yellows and shades of pink are the go-to choices for spring floral arrangements, there are great spring blossoms in purple. We particularly like this design from Big Apple Florists:

Purple Spring Bouquet | Big Apple Florists

What do you like to see in spring floral arrangements? Do you have a favorite flower that’s perfect for springtime decor?