Grande Wood Tray from Nambé

The Grande wood tray is one of our top wedding registry items.

Recently we’ve received a few emails from new brides asking how long they should leave their gift registry open. (You’re welcome to email us your questions and comments anytime.) At the very least, you want to keep your wedding registry active with varied items available for three months following your nuptials. Etiquette queen Emily Post would correctly tell you most gifts are sent prior to your wedding, but etiquette provides an additional three months thereafter to send a wedding.

However, we’d still recommend keeping the registry active for a full year. While the guides tell brides three months, you’ll find most people think they have a full year to send newlyweds a gift. (And, really, there’s no reason not to let them.)

You won’t need to check in weekly or update the assortment of items after the three-month mark, but keep the registry active in case you have an aunt that’s a procrastinator. This can also be nice if your or his parents want to help you complete at set of dinnerware or serving pieces at holiday time.

That first year is when you set up your home, and keeping the registry active will allow others to assist you in doing so.