Nambé Champagne Flutes

Nambé Champagne Flutes

Whether at a celebratory dinner party, work luncheon or a wedding, knowing how to give a good toast can make all the difference. The tradition of toasting at every dinner party has gone by the wayside, but when honoring a new graduate or job or taking work staff out to celebrate an excellent quarter the toast is still a part of the plan. When executed well, it will cheer the crowd and make them feel a part of something special.

Keep it short.

Make it personal. Customize your speech to the occasion and use the honoree’s name, when appropriate. If you’re honoring a specific person, don’t use generalizations but make note of specific accomplishments.

‘Clean’ humor is always a plus. Just make sure to leave out the inside jokes, if less than half of attendees will understand it. You don’t want anyone feeling left out.

Stay sober. Save drinking until after the toast. (Also, remember you can always toast with sparkling cider if you do not drink alcohol.)

Speak slowly and loudly. You’re saying something special, so make sure everyone can hear and understand you.

End on a bright note. And, if at a loss, tack on “Cheers!”

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