German Pancake (Real Simple)

German Pancake (Photo: Christopher Baker/Real Simple)

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. And while you’re probably already picked out your gift for Mom, you may still be trying to figure out just what to do with her this Sunday. If that’s the case, may we suggest brunch? She’ll get to sleep in, and you can whip up something delicious to wow her. Below are some of our top picks for dishes that will win everyone’s approval.

German Pancake
You may also find this one called Dutch pancake, but the results are the same: ultra fluffy and delicious with a little syrup and powdered sugar. Get the recipe from Real Simple.

Orange Pecan French Toast
This baked French toast recipe doesn’t need much in the way of modifications. Sweetness and crunch are already built in. Though, we know plenty of people who would happily add some whipped cream or berries. You can get the details for making this delicious breakfast option at

Ginger-Pecan Scones
In the event you aren’t a fan of French toast, these scones bring sweetness to brunch. The recipe we like is from Bon Appétit, and you can view it on Epicurous.

Blueberry-Ricotta Pancakes
Despite how rich it sounds, this is actually a lighter, healthier recipe. The pancakes are sweet and rich without being loaded down with calories. Get the recipe (and nutritional information) at Delish.

Grits, Cheese and Onion Soufflé
A versatile soufflé featuring a southern staple. The recipe was originally featured in a 2008 edition of  Bon Appétit.

Pomegranate Punch
Because a little something bubbly can be just right at a Mother’s Day brunch, we suggest trying out this sweet punch featuring more than one super fruit. Get the recipe from Woman’s Day.

Let us know if you try any of the recipes out (and your family’s reactions). If you have any other home-run recipes for Mother’s Day brunch, we’d love to see them in the comments.