Crystal Azzuro collection from Nambe

New Azzuro designs from Nambe

We’ve just added several new crystal designs to the Nambe website (we particularly love the Azzuro and River sets), and immediately heard from a customer asking if these pieces were dishwasher safe. Sadly, the answer was no. There are some simple rules for caring, cleaning and maintaining full-lead crystal.

1. Don’t put crystal in the dishwasher.

You want to avoid both harsh detergents and high temperatures with crystal. This rules out the dishwasher.

2. Use a mild detergent and warm water.

Warm water made soapy with a liquid detergent will work well to clean your crystal. You may use window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to clean vases, candlesticks and items you won’t serve food on.

3. Avoid sudden temperature changes.

Crystal is safe to use with food and beverages, both hot and cold, but avoid placing a hot bowl in cold water  or a cold glass into warm water. Sudden, extreme changes in temperature can cause crystal to crack.

4. Dry immediately.

To avoid water spots, dry immediately with a soft cloth.

5. Sand out chips.

In the event an accident leaves a chip in your crystal piece, take it to a local crystal shop or engraver to have the piece sanded.

A few other tips

For vases: Avoid mineral stains by using distilled water for flower arrangements and change water frequently; remove stains and mineral deposits with a bottle brush using a mixture of one-half vinegar and one-half water

For decanters and vases: To remove stains, remove residue using a handful of uncooked rice in a solution of lemon juice or vinegar and warm water; for tougher stains, allow pieces to soak in warm water with a denture cleaning tablet

For candleholders: Candles must not burn within 1 inch of the crystal, as this may result in damage to the candleholder

For champagne flutes: It is best to empty champagne from your flutes and wash and dry them soon after serving; leaving your champagne flutes unwashed overnight will result in discoloration