Thai fish stew in Nambe Sauté Pan

Erika from In Erika’s Kitchen tested our CookServ 12-inch Sauté Pan by crafting a tantalizing Thai Fish Stew. The recipe is simple and tasty, and Erika promises the pan cleaned up quickly. Her biggest takeaway from trying CookServ:

“However you cook with this pan, here’s the most important part: You can carry it straight to the table with your head held high. You could put this pan down in front of Queen Elizabeth and it would likely be the most beautiful thing she’d seen on the table in a long while.”

The larger sauté pans are versatile. Natalie from Perry’s Plate used her CookServ to steam these artichokes with minimal cleanup effort.

Artichokes in Nambe CookServ via Perry's Plate

Natalie, like Erika, liked the design but also appreciated the durability of her CookServ:

I adore the handles and the curves in the side. Don’t get me wrong. This is a hefty pot, not just pretty. Durable, too. It also has handy nubs in the lid for automatic basting. Stunning and smart. Quite a catch.

Trying to decide if CookServ might be right for you? We have a 8-inch sauté pan expressly for that purpose. You can bring home the Try-Me Pan for only $50 and test the cookware for yourself.