Drift is finally here and we’re so excited to share it with you! The flowing lines of our newest collection create a subtle texture that adds intrigue and beauty to the six serving pieces: our signature Chip & Dip, a new Serving Bowl with Wood Servers, a Platter, 4-Piece Condiment Server, Cheeseboard with Knife and Small Serving Bowl.


Created by Wei Young, the collection’s design mimics the beauty of sand drifts in the desert – but rather than have us tell you all the collection details, we thought it’d be better coming from Wei himself.  We caught up with the talented designer to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind Drift and his favorite ways to use the collection.



Wei Young 2014


Nambé:  How did you get started in the design field?

Wei Young:  At an early age I was inspired to look at the world from a different perspective.  My father is an industrial designer and I grew up around the studio. I learned how designers have the ability to offer change and make things within our physical landscape better. I have always been drawn to objects that have great functionality and purpose.  Along with having a strong desire to create something original that I could interact with, utilize and enjoy, is what drove me to pursue design.


Nambé:  What do you love most about the design process?

Wei Young: It’s the responsibility of a designer to elevate the existence of an object.  Throughout the design process there are many creative battles between form, functionality and fabrication.  Finding the right balance requires innovation and perseverance.  The small eureka moments when solutions are realized are what I enjoy during the developmental journey of a design.  What I love the most is when the design is finally completed and produced in it’s intended materials and finishes.


Nambé:  Where do you find inspiration? What inspired the new Drift collection?

Wei Young: I find a lot of inspiration in nature.  The Drift collection was inspired by the sinuous movement of water and the undulating texture of sand dunes. The overall form of the pieces are soft and sensual  with a wavy relief pattern that creates a fluid like appearance.


Nambé:  How would you incorporate Drift into your decor/entertaining at home?

Wei Young: Drift is about flow and movement.  I tried to capture that essence and balance it with good functionality and features.  I love outdoor living and Drift is perfect for Al Fresco entertaining where the pieces will look amazing reflecting clouds in the blue sky.  Entertain inside and Drift is just as striking under candlelight.


Nambé:  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Wei Young: Keep things simple.  Purge and let go of things that don’t allow our lives to flow well.  It’s the same with design.

Learn more about Wei Young and follow along with him on Instagram: @WeiYoungDesign. To see more of Wei’s products designed for Nambé, click here