Summer barbecues, pool parties, beach weekends – it’s that time of year! This weekend marks the kick-off to summer and we’re willing to bet there’s a get-together or two in your future.  While a trusted bottle of wine is an easy go-to on your way out the door, a memorable host or hostess gift can go a long way. Keeping a few giftable items tucked away is a surefire way to never show up empty-handed.



The perfect complement to summer’s favorite treat. Who doesn’t love a big scoop of ice cream on a warm sunny day? You’ll be the star at your next backyard barbecue when you pair our playful Ice Cream Skoop with a pint (or a couple!) of your local shop’s homemade flavors.  And at the end of the day, your host or hostess has a brilliant keepsake to use over and over all season long.



You’re heading down the shore for a weekend of sand and sun at a friend’s house and she asked you to bring your signature dish – no problem, you’ve made it hundreds of times, each better than the last. This time though, there’s one extra step. Write down your beloved recipe and slip it inside a recipe tin. A special thanks for hosting the weekend festivities.


seashell revise

Embrace the season and slip into a beachy state of mind with our Seashell Dip Bowl. A fitting design for summer’s theme it will be a welcome addition to your host’s party table with a favorite dipping sauce, or filled with potpourri on a bathroom sink.