We are beyond excited to share with you that our very own CookServ Sauté Pans and Crystal Butterfly Bowl have made it into the pages of New Mexico Restauranteur and Chef Martin Rios’ new cookbook, Restaurant Martin. Full of delicious recipes and mouth-watering photos, we couldn’t wait to book our table for dinner at this Santa Fe hot spot after thumbing through our advanced copy.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Martin to hear what he’s been up to and his plans for the future. Check out our Q&A below.

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Nambé: What inspired you to start your restaurant?

Martin Rios: We love Santa Fe, this is our home.  I had worked for everyone in Santa Fe I was interested in working for and it was decision time, open our own restaurant or move.  My wife Jennifer and I are completely entrenched in this community-she is President of the Board of the Horse Shelter (the State’s largest horse rescue), our children have grown up here-moving was off the list.  However we wanted to own our own property so that we could truly build the restaurant we wanted.  It took us some time and some planning, but we are thrilled with the result that today is Restaurant Martin!

Nambé: How would you describe your cooking style?

Martin Rios: I call it Progressive American Cuisine for lack of a better name-it is really my own personal blending of styles, ingredients, techniques, cultures and culinary approaches.  My food is my art form and is uniquely mine-like any artist I love sharing what I do with an audience!

Nambé: What is your favorite item on the menu at Restaurant Martin?

Martin Rios: My seafood and fish dishes are my signatures.  I think this is because it is so difficult to cook fish exactly right and get it to the table while maintaining the right temperature without letting it overcook.  This combined with the intricate and delicate flavors of different fish that allows me to unleash my creativity is what makes this area of the menu my favorite.

Nambé: What’s next for Chef Martin Rios?

Martin Rios: What’s next?  The next item on my bucket list is to win a James Beard Award.  I have had six semi-finalist nominations since we opened Restaurant Martin in September of 2009, the first year for Best New Restaurant in the US and the next five for Best Chef of the Southwest.  This year I advanced to the short list of Finalists for Best Chef of the Southwest and it is my dream to win this award.  I am also very excited at the prospect of my brand new cookbook being a candidate for a James Beard Cookbook Award as well.  Obviously a highlight of this year for me is this cookbook, I cannot express to you what a dream come true this is and how excited I am to share my passion and my recipes with cookbook buyers everywhere!!



Learn more about Santa Fe’s Restaurant Martin, Chef Martin Rios and his new cookbook, Restaurant Martin. Purchase your signed copy of the book by calling Restaurant Martin directly, or stop in to your local bookstore to pick up your copy.


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