It goes without saying that over time some of your favorite pieces – the ones you use over and over – will wear with age. It’s nobody’s fault, just a casualty of frequent use.  And while Nambé’s signature alloy won’t tarnish like silver, you may notice a few wear and tear scratches or lack of luster over the years.

If you’re noticing this on some of your favorite items, it might be a good time to review our care and use guidelines. The most common reasons for lack of luster include an accidental run through the dishwasher, or if you’ve served a meal with a high concentration of citrus and let it sit in your Nambé serveware for a long period of time.

Fear not, though; we can fix it. Nambé offers a repolishing service that will return the like-new shine and finish to any Nambé Alloy piece and it all starts in our Espanola, NM warehouse.

The process begins with our repolishing experts behind the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel uses coarse and fine sand to remove dents and heavy scratches. Next, they move on to polishing using a Tripoli wheel, which removes the sanding process.

Repolishing 2repolishing 3Our last step and final step is a secret, but trust us, it’s what gives your Nambé piece the outstanding, and lasting, shine you’ve come to expect. Here are a few recent before and afters to show you just how remarkable the transformation can be.

repolish 5trayrepol butterflyTo learn more about our repolishing service, visit