Many Uses Butterfly JarsWhether it’s for your own home or a gift for a friend, our Butterfly Glass Jars are quite versatile.  In fact, you might not realize just how many ways these pieces can be used – and not just as decorative accents. Here we share some of the best ways to brighten up your space with these beautiful jars.

 candyCandy Jar

The candy bowls we drooled over as children are all grown up with the Butterfly Glass Jar. Fill it with your favorite guilty pleasure and leave it on display whenever you are having guests. And if you want to test your will-power, it’s a great desk accessory that will have your co-workers coming stopping by when they’re craving something sweet.


Kitchen Amenities

Display your sugar and spices in style. The small Butterfly Jar is perfect for sugar cubes, or even salt and pepper to leave by the stove while cooking. Entertaining? Proudly bring your sugar filled jar to the table and pair with a small spoon when serving coffee and tea. Psst… this works with sugar packets, too.


Untitled-2 Bathroom Essentials

Let’s all agree that some stylish organization is a welcome addition to your bathroom counter, and what better way to keep your Q-Tips and cotton balls contained than with the small and medium-sized Butterfly Jars.

Ladies, your cosmetic brushes need a home too, and we think the Tall Butterfly Jar is just the item. At 7″ high, the jar will hold your travel set of brushes. Leave the top off for larger brushes and each one will be at your fingertips for your morning routine.



Have you seen all the terrariums making their way onto the pages of your favorite design magazines? Well, why not build your own using our Butterfly Jar? Just simply fill with pebbles, soil, a small cactus plant and some moss to make a beautiful tiny garden. It makes a beautiful homemade gift for the nature-lover in your life.

Or, set these jars on your dining table filled with pebbles, water and floating candle to create a warm ambiance at your next dinner party.


How would you use the Butterfly Jar? Tell us in the comments!