Ornaments_LS_2015It’s here! Our holiday collection for the 2015 season and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. With a new string of limited edition ornaments, a Miniature Nativity for those smaller spaces, think city living or a side table in your home, a Standing Cross and Madonna, we’re here to help decorate your tree and beyond. Not to mention that these new styles keep giving the gift of Nambé this holiday season top of mind.

new holidayWith the exception of the Mini Angel Ornaments and the 2015 Annual Dated Ornament, this year’s holiday collection was designed by Alvaro Uribe. We recently caught up with Alvaro to learn a little more about him and his creative process. And in case you missed our visit to his Brooklyn Studio, check it out on Instagram.



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Alvaro Uribe pic


Nambé:  What do you love most about the design process?

Alvaro Uribe: There are few professions in which you can directly reach people through all their senses, industrial design is one of them, and that is why design fascinates me; it activates all your senses, and instincts, without you even noticing. Our world is being reduced to flat screens with two-dimensional interactions, I am interested in celebrating the three dimensional world. We are sensorial beings; hence I intend to create designs, which move people both physically and philosophically


Nambé: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Alvaro Uribe: Dance and nature are probably the most influential elements in my work. I believe design should be like dancing, it should activate our senses, and be able to make you feel the variety of colors, the flexibility of your body, and the richness of sounds. Nature on the other hand, is the smartest designer and teacher of all. It “naturally” sculpts materials in the most efficient, essential, and functional way.


Nambé: Is there a piece you designed that you’re especially proud of?

Alvaro Uribe: I would say my Plum Stools. I think they reflect the ideas that interest me the most today. They reflect my curiosity and concern in new material technologies and dynamic forms.  When you see these pieces they seem to be moving in space even when they are still, they make your eye travel all around anthropomorphic and zoomorphic shapes, they bring energy to space and lightness. These pieces were conceived thinking on how to use the least amount of material, while achieving structure and performance.

plum stools

However, it’s Nambé’s Novo Mortar and Pestle that really exemplifies my design aesthetic. It captures the balance between organic and geometric forms that I always strive for. I always look to translate the essence of a utilitarian product into a form, which just seems like it was meant to be.

MT0650_Novo Mortar and Pestle

Nambé: We’re excited about the new 2015 Nambé Holiday Collection. Can you tell us a little about this year’s pieces?

Alvaro Uribe: I am very proud of the Christmas Ornaments; they really capture the essence and playfulness of the characters in a very elegant way. I particularly like the Snowman and Reindeer, which feel as if they were frozen in time.


 Nambé: As a Visiting Instructor at Pratt Institute, what is the best piece of advice you offer your students? What’s the best piece you’ve received?

Alvaro Uribe: I always advise them to persevere, and believe in their designs despite what people think. The best advice I have received is to be persistent, which I am by nature.


Learn more about Alvaro Uribe and follow along with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  To see more of Alvaro’s work for Nambé, click here.