As summer comes to an end and children return to school, you may find yourself preparing your little one with new notebooks, fresh pencils and all of that back-to-school swag they can’t leave home without.  But what about you?  Perhaps your desk is in need of a mid-year upgrade as well? And while it’s important not to create a cluttered environment, there are a few items every desk should have to keep you motivated throughout the workday.  Here, our picks for redesigning your workspace for a focused and successful year ahead.

  1. The quickest way to turn your desk into a “home” is to add some personal touches. A photo of your family, friends, a memorable moment. The key is finding the right frame to display your pictures, but still fit with your personality. Frames_Lifestyle_updated
  2. Let’s talk for a minute about organization. At any given time your desk may be piled high with papers, business cards, paper clips, pens, pencils – all those office supplies that are in need of a home.  Did you know our condiment servers can double as a place to store some of those office essentials? And our Wave Business Card Holder will proudly display your credentials for anyone entering your office.MT0587_Triple Condiment_P6960_wave_business_card_holder.main
  3. Are you a tech lover? We know we certainly can’t refuse a new gadget and that’s why our Pebble Tablet Stand has a permanent home on our desk  – both as a docking station and for intimate presentations.MT0714_Pebble Tablet Stand_Sec
  4. The finishing touch is just a little décor to liven up the space. A vase with some fresh flowers. Feel free to add a pop of color. A sculptural work of art. A piece for the sports fan. This part is really up to you to make your little slice of the office an extension of the things you love.