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Creating the prefect bar takes finesse. It should be stocked not just with your own preference, but with your guests in mind as well. With that said, have a few different types of liquor on hand, traditional mixers like tonic and seltzer, but also some juices, like grapefruit, cranberry and orange. And if you want to be the talk of the party, try stocking the bar with some syrups and bitters.

But more than just the must-have cocktail makers, the glasses you serve them in and the pieces that line your bar are just as important. They’re conversation starters.  Our top picks include:

  1. If you select only one item to store your wine bottles in, let it be our Curvo Wine Rack.  This piece catches eyes at every turn, making it the ideal must-have to get the party started. MT0667_Curvo Wine Rack_s
  2. Every well-stocked bar is also stocked with the proper severware. That means Double Old Fashioned glasses for cocktails mixed in the glass, and high balls for those that are made in a cocktail shaker. We’ve got a few to choose from, but one of our favorites are the Groove Double Old Fashioned Glasses.5584
  3. If you like to keep your whiskey, bourbon or other favorite on display, a decanter is the way to go. It’s a great way to provide your home bar with some serious style. Our Klasp Decanter for example, has a hint of vintage glamour with a modern design.5899_klasp_decanter_smaller
  4. Garnishes can really make the cocktail, and for that we’d suggest a small cutting board, like our Blend Bar Board, for slicing all of your citrus.MT0648_Bar Board with knife_S

What are your tips and must-haves for designing an enviable bar? See all our barware items and let us know which would complement your bar.