Recently, we stumbled upon a very gifted artist, Marie Tippets, and we can’t seem to get enough of her work.  It doesn’t hurt that she has a beautiful painting of our Tri-Corner Bowl, simply entitled, The Nambe Bowl.


The Nambe Bowl by Marie Tippets

Marie Tippets is a professional painter,  painting still life, figures and landscapes in pastel, and the winner of several awards. She has a particular fondness for still life.

The objects she chooses are sometimes extraordinary, but often, simple.  They are things that evoke an emotion or stir a memory.  Once the set has been orchestrated, it is the placement of light that really makes it come alive for her – casting shadows and creating magical contrasts between light and dark, and between what is seen and not seen.

Here’s just a few of our favorites from Marie’s collection – visit her at to learn more.


After The Storm by Marie Tippets


Peppers A Plenty by Marie Tippets


Morning Warm Up by Marie Tippets