It’s winter, or at least that’s what the calendar says, and while you can enjoy a cup of tea any time, sometimes it’s the best way to warm up on a cold night.  We have a few products that should be on every tea lover’s wish list, starting with our new Meridian Tea Kettle.

Meridian Tea Kettles

Available in three colors, our newest kettle sits beautifully on your stovetop. With a wooden handle that stays cool to the touch and the round, angled shape of the body, it evokes a retro-inspired design that feels incredibly modern. We’re big fans of the pop of red , how about you?

Now that your water is boiled, 5 more of our must-have tea essentials:


Bulbo Standing Steeper


Skye Mug


Kurl Creamer and Sugar


Stinger Honey Pot

MT0637_Stinger Honey Pot

Bulbo Tea Canister

MT0724_Bulbo Coffee Canister_Sec