It’s wedding season, and for all of the brides to be out there, it’s coming down to the wire. You’ve found the perfect dress, picked out your venue, and maybe even taken a dance class or two. But what about your guests? Have you decided what to gift all your friends and family for helping you celebrate your special day?  Not to fear, we’re here to help. Below are our top picks for some unexpected Nambé wedding favors – all under $50.

 Love Bowl Mini

This little bowl is the perfect symbol of endearment to help celebrate such a special occasion.
A great way to make your favorite local micro-brew a part of your wedding day, tie the Twist Bottle Opener to a bottle and set on every table.
Ideal for a beach wedding, the Oceana Sea Shell Dip Bowl ties in to the theme and brings a taste of the ocean home.MT0726_SeashellDipBowl_NEW
Pair with a bottle of red from your favorite vineyard. Your guests will raise a glass in your honor when they open it.
The earthy tones in this all-purpose bowl go great with homemade trail mix. A snack your guests will want to nibble on all the way home.MT0902_Skye_Wood_All-Purpose_Bowl
Your guests will thank you on their next wine and cheese night for this handsome duo.MT0794_CurvoCheeseSet_NEW
Tie this set to a mason jar filled with homemade cookie mix and they’ll be sure to do all their baking with love.MT0783_TwistMeasuringSpoons_NEW
Marry this helpful tool with a bottle of regional barbecue sauce.MT0576_AllPurposeTongs_NEW
Like a bee drawn to honey, this little pot goes wonderfully with locally sourced honey.MT0637_StingerHoneyPot_NEW
For those gourmet foodies, pair this chili figurine with a favorite spice blend.8911
Tell us what you’re gifting as a wedding favor in the comments below.