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Posts tagged "dinner party"

Tips on the art of plating

We can help make your dinner table stylish with modern serving pieces, dinnerware and the like, but if you’d like a few tips on how to present your latest culinary creation on a platter take look at this video.

Quick Tips on Toasting

Whether at a celebratory dinner party, work luncheon or a wedding, knowing how to give a good toast can make all the difference. The tradition of toasting at every dinner party has gone by the wayside, but when honoring a new graduate or job or taking work staff out to celebrate an excellent quarter the...

How to turn a napkin into a lotus blossom

We all know table accents can make the setting for a dinner party. Linens help, of course, but have you tried more complicated napkin folding to decorate? We love the ornate style of the lotus fold. It’s like giving each guest his or her own centerpiece. Check out this video to find out — in...