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Posts tagged "fish"
How To Serve Summer's Best Seafood

How To Serve Summer’s Best Seafood

There’s something about warm weather and salty air that makes you want to shuck a few clams, crack open a lobster tail and enjoy.  With half of summer nearly gone, what better time to gather your friends for a seafood feast? Inspired by the wondrous beauty of the ocean, our Oceana Collection is perfect for...
Testing CookServ with Thai Stew and more

Testing CookServ with Thai Stew and more

Erika from In Erika’s Kitchen tested our CookServ 12-inch Sauté Pan by crafting a tantalizing Thai Fish Stew. The recipe is simple and tasty, and Erika promises the pan cleaned up quickly. Her biggest takeaway from trying CookServ: “However you cook with this pan, here’s the most important part: You can carry it straight to...

Nambe Recipe for Crispy Red Snapper with Chili Tamarind Sauce

At Nambé we have a thing for seafood. You’ll often see our staff utilizing chip and dip pieces — like the Scoop Server — for shrimp and cocktail sauce. We also created these gorgeous and functional Fish and Minnow platters. As the sames suggest, both are shaped like a fish, and the minnow one is...